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    took this while having dinner @ JB... think of going again

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    Yummm, makes me hungry.... Just a little bit of comment, not that I am professional, but I have spoken to food photographer that the plate and the food are important. I think your crop is too tight and the food appears less like chicken legs.

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    Don't mind my strong comments. I have been working on the elements of picture compostition for quite a long time.

    I think the picture is too "plain". Maybe it wasn't a studio setup, so it is alright. It doesnt mean anything but just a lump of meat on the plate. The compostion of the chicken can be improved- it doesnt really work for me and there is no sense of internal direction because of that. But I am quite happy with the gloss of the chicken. Picture compostition is very crucial in food photography. I believe that you can work towards a more to your composition rather than just making a picture that everyone can take in this forum.

    One more point: What is that yellow stuff behind there. If it was meant to anchor the main subject, then it should be clearer. To me it seems like an egg... But what if it is something else. It is not coherent enough. Rather, it seems distracting.

    Btw, what kind of ambience lighting was present. The colour temperature seems mixed.

    However, great effort put in.

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    Tks Fluorite for your comment.... natural lighting.... Well the yellow stuff is potato... ha h a.. once again thnks will take note of the nice


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