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Thread: any fans/players of the ultima series of games?

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    Originally posted by LordVader
    Heh heh The space age thingy was actually a Kilrathi from Wing Commander and his space ship in a field.

    Origin produced both Wing Commander and Ultima 7
    haha yeah it's DAMN funny esp when you talk to the farmer who tells you about the spaceship... he ate the prince!
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    One thing about Origin Systems-"We create worlds" is that they really created immersive games that simply drew you in.

    They were also one of the main reasons to upgrade your computers Their games came in more diskettes, required more ram and took up more HDD space(when installed and uncompressed) than any other in the same era.

    The Wing Commander series define a new genre of space sims.
    Ultima and it's World's of Ultima spinoffs(Savage Empire, Martian Dreams) demonstrated what is meant by attention to detail.

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    Originally posted by Que Lynn

    wow, how good is it? wasn't lord british killed on UO once? big story, that one. gosh.

    anyway, to the UO players: what sort of broadband are you on? adsl? cable? comp specs?

    thinking of trying it out i guess
    Very good and addictive. The major difference between UO and the normal Ultima series is the "World" is alive and always changing. This game like many others was infested with lots of bugs when it was introduced 5 years back. But its now very stable and playable.

    The other difference is you got to pay a monthly fee to play on their server. Its US$10 by CC or S$15 if you buy the gametime card.

    Singapore UO players are using ADSL and Cable. There are many (like 23) servers (or they call it shards) now. If you want fast access/speed. there are servers in Japanese/Korean/Australian/Taiwan servers. If you play on the Taiwan servers, you can even see chinese texts/speeches.

    For comp specs, anything above 1G CPU and 256mb ram is playable. UO comes with 2 different clients - 2D and 3D. You will need a more powerful graphic card to play in 3D since it requires more graphic rendering power. I used to play 2D with my Matrox 2D card and it runs very well!!

    I have stopped playing the game after 5 years. It becomes too addictive. At one time, I live my weekends in the UO world and not in the real world :P I made lots of friends in UO but also lost touch with lots of real life friends. hehehe

    Hope that answers all your questions.

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    wow, from jason ho's account, it sounds like UO should be a must-try. hmm. thanks for sharing your experience, i wonder if it's too late to jump in.

    i am going to play ultima 7 again soon... haha, i just can't get enough of it. i think i played it last three or four years ago. if they remake it under a different engine, i just hope the interactivity is still there. and i hope i can still bake bread (or cake, as it sometimes becomes).

    did you guys ever read the scroll from lord british's body (via hackmover), and then asking him, and nell and nell's husband-to-be about it? whoa there.

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    If you have the original U7 you can actually run it using a wrapper.
    I ran it on my laptop P2-266 it works really well... not to mention instead of 640x480 i'm running it at 1024x768!! hahahaa

    everything is the same as the orignial !

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    Actually Ultima was unbeatable in terms of storyline from U4 to U7 Part II.....special mention has to be given to 2 of the side plots though...the Savage Empire and Martian Dreams.

    Now where did I put my Orb of the Moons...hmm... hehe
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