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    shot a series of photos of national SEA games sailors training in a storm off the east coast.
    Made some mistakes during the storm - should have increase the shutter speed (it was at 1/250) and switched the flash to highspeed.
    Anyway I wasn't really thinking of that during then
    conditions in the storm were quite difficult and the boat was rocking around like mad, i was hanging on to my dear life.
    can't wait for the next storm, now that I learnt about this.

    please give me yer 2 cents of what u think?
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    cool man! has that punch, the tense situation...hmmm..nicely captured..

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    i like the second shot, you have to be in water in order to achieve that.
    Colours are vivid, and you give an angle of view that most folks cannot see in daily life....

    Great Job


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