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    After knowing that Agfa will most likely close down the end of the year from dpreview. I wish to try out some of the rare films that they have before it is gone. I went to peninsular today and look for agfa films. To my surprise, there is only APX400 available in konota.
    Does anyone know where else can i get the agfa films like the Ultra colour 100 and the B&W scala? Heard that there is a agfa shop besides konota. But never seem to find one when i went there today.

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    the agfa shop next to konota closed some time ago. now its a handphone shop.

    did u try adelphi's colour lab? if there dun have also... u might need to hunt on ebay already.
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    Are you sure you want to try Scala?

    It is not just the cost of films. The shipping to either Japan, Australia or US have to be factored in.

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    The aldephi colour lab? Shall go there and try to find. I went to Ron's camera, also cant find.
    As for the scala. I read that the chemicals are licensed only by Agfa. So if Agfa decides to close down, then this B&W slide will be gone and become history. Do a serach in CS and I saw that the cost is ard $35-40 for developing and shipping. Is it still the same rates now? If i develop a roll, then i can still keep and see it for the next 20-30 years. Wanna to try and learn more about film when I can as the onslought of digital is driving the film market to a very narrow path.


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