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Thread: Reflection in sunset

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    Default Reflection in sunset

    Taken from JB's Duty Free Zone shopping mall.

    Any comments appreciated.

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    Default Re: Reflection in sunset

    Good shot, nice wide angle. But I think the Horizon is slightly tilted.
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    Default Re: Reflection in sunset

    Without the title, it would be difficult for the viewer to imagine you are concentrating on the reflection.

    You should go closer to show "reflection".

    In any case, the light is very flat and uninteresting. Can I show a couple of images on reflections in your thread?

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    Default Re: Reflection in sunset

    I find that the image is very hard to view. It might've been better if you were to keep to the posting guidelines, in consideration to people who are using screen resolution of less than or equal to 1024x768.

    I really like how the flat image turns out. It gives a rather interesting/nostalgic feel. A tinge of fresh air, I dare say, from the myriad of high resolution crisp sharp images seen and oogled upon in CS in general. Having said that however, there is an obvious lack of focus in the picture. It occurs, simply because you'd intended to include too many elements in the image, like the moon and the whole of the reflection. This in turn resulted in a wanting for too much, yet settled on nothing phenomenon. The elements though interesting by themselves, have effectively diminished the central of attraction to the picture. Now, do make a decision for yourself. Do you want to show the reflection per se, or do you want to show the skyline?

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    Default Re: Reflection in sunset

    Nice paranomic view, but somewhat lacks the punch. Title leads the eye to 2 things - Reflection and sunset. Shan't repeat what student had said - to add on, try cropping out and framing just the power station (the one with clouds) and it's reflection. Subject focus and emphasis is stronger, plus that part of the image has a better sky colour.

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    Default Re: Reflection in sunset

    This photograph have no meaning at all. What is your main subject?

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    Default Re: Reflection in sunset

    hard to take good industrial shots as they are all inherently ugly

    but I think there is some possibilities here, namely the three set of vertical columns, Senoko - the 2 tall red ones, and the short greyish ones, and then the two concrete poles in the foregd.

    Maybe if u cropped just to capture these 3 then we have some kind of contrast yet harmony - and the reddish hue of the sunset and the reflection in the calm waters are icing on the cake ...

    dont need the moon or the red clouds ... irrelevant


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