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Thread: Angkor Photography

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    one man's meat is another's poison..
    i'm trying my darndest best to miss reunion dinner. i try not to be around during CNY. or christmas.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nisa

    cannot miss reunion dinner or miss the frist day!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaywalk
    People, give me a few more days to get more stuff out for you. It does look like the trip will be in the CNY period and, for now, I'm thinking we might fly on 27th January, Friday morning or even Thursday. You'll have to miss or reschedule reunion dinner.
    Thanks for your efforts!
    I can fly anytime, reunion dinner i can eat in Cambodia link up with family with via webcam
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    I've got some preliminary meat and poison for you. This is the family-friendly version.

    Set-off date: late night of 29th January 2006, Sunday (first day of CNY). We'll take the night train to KL and sleep in it. The next day we fly to Phnom Penh via AirAsia.

    Return date: 5th February 2006, Sunday. We'll be flying back from Bangkok to Singapore.

    Budget: At a glance, according to skinnylatte, it is possible to do everything for under S$500, though we need not all choose to do so. When I do find time to analyse this further, I shall inform y'all.

    What we need now: For those interested, please PM your e-mail addresses and real names.

    I can share a bit more, but I'd like to type it out in a neat tabular format, which I can't seem to do here.

    On this trip, we'll be able to cover bigwigs such as the central temples of Angkor Wat, Ta Prohm, Angkor Thom, as well as some temples further off (no point name dropping here). We'll also take a trip to a floating village. In our plan, we'll spend our last night in Bangkok, though we may very well choose to increase that by reducing the number of nights in Siem Reap.

    Anyhow, I'd like to respect the organization of the CS forum and will soon start a thread in the Gatherings folder for this trip, instead of continuing in Kopitiam. Let's not talk about the whats, whys and hows in Kopitiam.

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    I have created a new thread in the Gatherings folder about the upcoming trip. Please take a look.

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    Very interesting. That budget looks lean!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geckorian
    Very interesting. That budget looks lean!
    So will we, at the end of the trip.

    Yep, the budget is a talking point and I feel so bad that I haven't crunched the numbers satisfactorily. Please follow the saga in the new thread, thanks!

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