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Thread: Nikon Aw1 underwater in the sea

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    Default Nikon Aw1 underwater in the sea

    I am planing a trip next month and will do simple snorkelling lazying by the beach at Maldives. was considering getting the Nikon AW1 however i have read up many mis-adventures regarding this camera of water slipping in from the battery compartment.

    Have any one have experiences using it in open water maybe 2-3m under water? I am considering this and the Olympus TG-4. being a Nikon user i will prefer this but reliability is the key here and I dont want to ruined my trip. Could you share your experience with this camera?

    PS: don't ask me buy a waterproof casing for my DSLR etc because I plan to travel light and i seldom underwater!
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    Go for TG4, cheaper and easier to use. Personally used it and very satisfied with its output and durability. Normally I use dslr but when a need for wet work arise without breaking up the dslr housing, the TG4 excels.


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