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Thread: Compacts/Ultra-compacts with manual functions

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    Default Re: Compacts/Ultra-compacts with manual functions

    Quote Originally Posted by fuzzy
    hmm... I'm going to Hong Kong with my friends in december
    but then we have no portable storage and dun wanna bring a laptop.

    so i'm wandering into the realm of film and compacts since its the cheapest solution i can think of at this point of time.

    I'll probably be taking pics of night scenes and stuff so it would be a great plus point for me to have some control over the aperature and shutter... yup yup.
    i went in Aug this yr with my G5 (with mainly a 1GB cf card)
    and another fuji cam for backup.
    shot 600+ at mostly 5MP but lowest quality(which is gd enuff)
    couldnt even fill half card how i try...
    jus an advise, bring tripod when u go up the peak
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    Default Re: Compacts/Ultra-compacts with manual functions

    Hey shocky,

    how i wish that my cam uses CF cards. haha, the cam that i'm bringing is a sony s85.
    i'm considering renting a compactdrive for my trip coz i'll probably be eating up around 100Mb per day and my friends can store their pictures too.

    Tripod? Hmm, mine's quite heavy... heh, i'll try to bring anyway. wanna try night scenes...

    thx for the advice

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    Default Re: Compacts/Ultra-compacts with manual functions

    Hey guys! So how? The original query... haha! Seems like most would prefer an F11? Anymore suggestions? Canon S80 looks cool but I'll have to try it out first.
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