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    Hi all,

    Trying out something different... All comments good and especially bad (constructive please) are welcomed and appreciated.

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    I don't know what is it but I simply like it. It's simple and evenly lighted. Well captured.

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    great shot
    the shot is well focused and brings out the detail in the leaf. however, i personally think the symmetry is overpowering. the peepal tree leaf has a very graceful shape; if i were you, i would capture the whole leaf in the frame.

    have you enhanced/changed the colour of the leaf in ps? if you are doing that, i hope you would try some other shades. right now it looks to metallic and perfect and doesnt go with the theme- aged leaf. maybe a little torn leaf with slightly more yellow cast would go well with your caption.

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    The amount of details captured is amazing.

    Like vkashi, I would like to see the leaf as a whole, but on the other hand, that's a rather "standard" shot.

    To nit-pick, I feel there's a alittle too much "empty" space at the bottom of the pic. Perhaps it would be more impactful if the leaves were closer together, or have another leaf to fill up the space?

    The current pic would have been quite perfect except for the small tear in the center leaf.

    Anyway, just my 0.02yen.

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    Hi guys,

    Thanks for the comment, truly appreciate it. Here's another one of a full leaf.

    Saiful Bahar - "I don't care what equipment you use... but what you produce"

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    prefer ur original composition. the full leaf is dull. the original is more exciting and intriguing cerebrally. also it looks like batik.

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    yeah, really like the first pic - just kept looking at it. the msg is cool too

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    nice capture do u have a 100% crop on the details for us to see?
    a minor nitpick, the photo seems to be top heavy. try a diff orientation? juz rotate 180.
    juz my preference tho
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