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Thread: Aerials on Orchard

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    Not to Troll the subject, but perhaps add a dimension to it. Perhaps they should include photos of what's happening in our own backyard!
    I snapped this photo on a flight to taipei yesterday. it's on the reclaimation project off Tekong. note that little green patch on bottom part of the image used to be an island. A sight like this very common in

    alamak cannnot link images from blogger - ok here's link
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    still showing right?
    i'll go down tomorrow to see.

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    EARTH FROM ABOVE, an Aerial Portrait of Our Planet toward a Sustainable Development opened on 27 October and showing until 17 January 2006, is brought to Singapore by the French Embassy and the Singapore Environment Council.

    Every stunning aerial photograph tells a story about our changing planet. Seen together, they are an outstanding visual testimony to the world we live in today.

    Official Opening on 26 October 2005 Guest of Honour President S. R. Nathan

    An aerial portrait of our planet: 120 photographs of our earth lit even at night, along Orchard Road and free to the public

    A spectacular presentation: 3000 flying hours by helicopter, 76 countries visited, large-scale photographs measuring 1.8m x 1.2m of breathtaking landscapes

    A promotion of sustainable development: based on an economic growth respectful both of man and the natural resources of our unique planet

    A survey of the state of our planet: a report which makes us reflect upon the Earth’s evolution, upon a world with a growing population shrinking bio-diversity, polluted lands and oceans, a changing climate and a shortage of water

    An exhibition that travels: the photographs have been around the world, from Paris to Mexico City, London, Stockholm, Taipei, Budapest, Tokyo, Caracas, Chicago, Sao Paulo, Vienna, Geneva…

    A book The Earth From The Air: a unique phenomenon in the history of illustrated books, more than 2 million sales, published in 20 different languages


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    Its a very good exhibition. Go have a look at it. If possible go watch the video as well. He shares his thoughts and emotions when taking the shots. And also shares his composition methods.

    The earth is in a sad state with all our urbanisation. Anyway, go see it. The books are actually quite good and show more pics that were not displayed and the pics are not cropped as much as those on display.

    He shoots film btw....

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