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Thread: Incident at the Esplanade

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    Quote Originally Posted by huaiwei
    Thank you very much for the quote. I hope it comes of use the next time I whip out a camera in a showflat for the next condominium with the intention to snap the building's model, only to be told politely that the model is copyrighted and cannot be photographed?

    Anyhow, a simple review of the past conversation show that I responded based on your statement, and I interpreted it accordingly. Should this be different from your intended message, then there is always the option to clarify things. Dismissing others and claiming they are in a "confused" state of mind is perhaps reflective of one who refuses (or is simply unable) to see things from another perspective.

    I speak based on my interpretation. That you take it to be an assumption that you are part of this interpretation is of little concern to me, because I dont exactly hold you accountable for any such misinterpretations. Your worries appear to be unfounded.
    HW, sure make me wonder why the heck building models can't be photographed???

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattlock
    there's no need to start passing sarcastic or glided remarks...we're all here to help each other. =)

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