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    Hi guys, in one of my recent threads I mentioned that my laptop had died. I was just wondering if I could salvage the HDD by getting a casing for it, doubling it up as a portable storage for my CF cards. I wonder if there is such a gadget for it, i.e a casing that allows me to dump my raw files into it without a computer.


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    You can purchase the 2.5" OTG casing for your hard disk. Some casing with multiple card read slot too. It can transfer all files from memory card to the drive with touch button......
    It is a stand alone need computer.
    Cost frm SGD$50-200...

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    any recommendations reliable and economical models? value for money types?

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    Do you mean things like compactdrive, x-drive ?

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    pardon me i am not very familiar with these hardware. basically just like xrium suggested, a casing that allows me to download my files without a computer. I dont need a screen like the apple ipod video ... just something simple.

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    Take a look at this

    Can be got at most shops SLS or Funan, about S$80/- for the casing. If you're not too particular about transfer speed, but this is reasonably fast enough. Has slots for multiple card types for transfer.

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    yup, i hv the same 1 as on the link by teerex..I get it from cyberactive 1yrs ago abt SGD$130 without HDD.

    The simple 1, don't hv LCD cost abt range $ sim lim sq.


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