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Thread: Necessary to Develop+Scan+Print at Pro Lab such as Color Lab for consumer nagetive?

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    btw, i heard from colorlab that they don't need to know the speed of our film(ie iso100 or iso400). We don't even have to tell them if we loaded a iso400 film into a iso50 caninster. this mean that their machine don't read the DX coding on the caninster?

    anyone can verify??

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    Originally posted by Juvelyn
    anybody always die-die must have pics developed at RGB?
    [from film]

    just curious

    I've seen RGB Prints, and at what they are charging ($0.50 per 4R, dunno how much for developing), it's not worth it. Color Lab does just as well a job at a lower price.


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    can someone give us a reference on where to learn about those codes behind the printed paper?

    like those N+ whatever stuff - if we know those codes, we can tell what kind of alteration has been done on it.

    please advise ...


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    Thread is pretty old but caught my interest so did some web trawling and found this. Some might find it useful to check their own prints.

    From on calibrating prints to their target file:

    Most Noritsu and some Frontier machines imprint a status string on the back of the prints that provides an indication of the print settings. If the status string exists, it may contain a series of numbers or letters, then the sequence N N N N followed by more numbers and letters. If any of the single "N" characters has a "+" or "-" sign following it, this shows one or more color channels was set to an adjusted value. For example if the string is N N N+2 N, one channel was bumped two notches. Tell the lab to reprint your files. This is also a useful check when you print files using a profile. Do not be concerned if there is no status string. Many labs do not print one.

    Noritsu specific status strings: An example status string is as follows:

    8121 11 N N N N NN AS+02
    [1] [2] [3] [4]

    Field [1] can contain any of a number of pieces of information, including date, order number, etc. None of this directly pertains to the printing mode.

    Field [2] has the print color channel information. Values other than a single N, with no "+" or "-" sign, indicate that a print channel was adjusted. Have your files reprinted without corrections.

    Field [3] should always be NN or "---" for digital media. It relates to the film scanner module settings.

    Field [4] will often not be present. That is ideal no automatic adjustments were applied. If it does appear, the most common code is "AS", which stands for "Automatic Contrast". If this, or any other code is present with a "+XX" value, ask for your prints to be reprinted with all Media Corrections and DSA (Digital Scene Adjustment) settings disabled.

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