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Thread: What is photography?

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    This has been the all time favourite arguement about equipment and man.... good photography , sometime it is very subjective. one man meat can be another man poison. the most important thing is the human who manipulate the "tool". if you got top class equipment does not meant to have top class "result"....

    One thing all of us cannot deny. technology does help, it get you the correct exposure rather depend on the needs of detail understanding of what's correct Shutter speed, Aperture setting, blah blah blah.... flexibility of Zoom lens which improves over time.... all this improvements are made possible with the $$$ given to the camera manufacturers by so call the "professional-photographer" buying expensive equipment. right ?

    Expensive equipment = good photography ???
    can anyone take colour photo back in the very old day ???

    It is GOOD to have sophisticated stuff but NOT must have.....

    Just my 0.1 ct

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    Quote Originally Posted by hoclim
    Whenever I go to a shop to ask about cheaper equipement and lens, the people seems to give me the impression that I can do little if I just get a G lens or something cheap...and when I get my first external flash SB 600, the person said..'Dun expect to do much or take as good pic as a SB 800'...
    Hey buddy, the answer is already in your own post... of course those shop owners want you to feel that way. The more people upgrade their cameras, lense, etc, the more money they make. Its simple maths, really.

    on a side note, how many digital camera manufacturers will admit that their film bodies *might* actually take better pictures than their digital bodies?

    They sure know where the $$$ is, baby.

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