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Thread: D70s ???

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    Default D70s ???

    hi does anyone recently bought the D70s out here?
    heard it comes with the kit lens and a 1 GB Cf card.
    do u knw wat brand is the CF card?
    and hw much does it cost right nw 2 to buy D70s with these together?
    am interested in gettin one...


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    Default Re: D70s ???

    I am also interesting in getting the D70s

    just got a quote 1775 for the kit inclusive of GST with 1GB card
    is this a good price

    anyone else intend to get? maybe we can get a good price if we can do a Mass Order?

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    Default Re: D70s ???

    Got mine about 5-6 weeks ago.
    $1770 (inc GST) + 1GB CF High Speed. This CF card is shop freebie. Nikon not provide it.

    You can look around in Nikon forum for price and others.

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    Default Re: D70s ???

    may i knw where u gt ur set? n wat brand is ur CF card?

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