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Thread: Where to go in KL?

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    Default Where to go in KL?

    Will be attending a course in Dec and staying at KL-Renaissance for 1 week.
    Any recommendations on where to go (preferably not too far) for:
    - pubs
    - wine-bars
    - dining (chinese/italian/french/jap/seafood)
    - shopping (PC software etc...)

    Any info much appreciated!

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    Flam's has excellent French/Belgian.

    They have one in Bangsar and one at Sunway.. they serve, well, Flams, these flat little Belgian pizzas that're really yummy. Be sure to try the seafood one!

    Chinatown has a lot of very good food.. the 'loh shu fun' is really good!

    For jap food I went to Kampachi at the Equatorial. Food was very good and fresh. But I hear Shangri-La's Zippangu is much better. They both do all you can eat Sunday brunches that are very popular

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    Default Re: Where to go in KL?

    Since you are staying at Renaissance, for watering holes, surely will be at Jalan Sultan Ismail just 10min walk away. Also can go to Bintang Walk at night, short taxi ride away.

    PC stuffs should be 'Lau-Yat' building beside Sungai Wang along Bukit Bintang Road.


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