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Thread: When is the next camera/photography exhibition here?

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    Verre Vrai

    Smile When is the next camera/photography exhibition here?

    As above?

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    Wait for me to hold one. Soon. As soon as I get some exhibitable pics.


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    The next downtown photographic event
    that will give the public a second chance
    to fight back their older mindset
    about photography.

    The event promises surreal dream like images
    captured even with plastic and funky toy like yellow boxes.

    Where is it held?
    In harmony with our attempt to go arty
    there is none other than the two durians - The Esplanade

    From November 15 - January 5th 2003

    From the local embassy, the exhibits are the output from
    six to seven camera models that were in the hands of
    ordinary people capturing multicolours in all its photographic
    submission. The resulting images would not only
    surprise us virtually but can be an alternative realities.

    Where to get more information?

    1. Ambush
    2. Basheer Graphic Book
    3. Homepage and Molecule
    4. Page One
    5. Project Shop Blood Bros
    6. Chris Yap
    7. Lomo Embassy/fFurious

    After a decade of existence you are warn
    of its mental stimulation. Can cause dizziness,
    euphoria and even temporary loss of reality.
    However there will be thousands who will be
    smiling, feeling young again and find it a
    virtually exciting experience.

    Participants of the event would be able to see it in
    Kuala Lumpur,
    Singapore (65-62250887)
    and Tokyo.

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    Originally posted by forward
    7. Lomo Embassy/fFurious
    Coming Lomo Events:

    The Wonderland exhibition will come to its final stop in Singapore's Arts Esplanade from November 15 to January 5. See the best submissions from the Singapore chapter of the Wonderland tour which went through the most interesting cities of Asia.
    The exhibition is opening at the Singapore Arts Esplanade at 7pm with a following party at Velvet Underground from 9-11pm. Invitations only, the entry is strictly before 10pm. The winner will be announced in the Velvet Underground club at 10pm.

    date: 15.11-5.1

    location: Singapore's Arts Esplanade

    more information:


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