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Thread: Auto-Focus Flaws inherent ?

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    Default Auto-Focus Flaws inherent ?


    Juz found this site ....quite an interesting read....


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    Default Re: Auto-Focus Flaws inherent ?

    The main argument in that article is of an oversized central AF sensor that fails to achieve absolute accuracy when focus and recompose framing is used, due to the shift in the focal plane. This is an issue with early AF cameras at the time this article was written as they only had a large central AF pt.

    Nowadays, most bodies have multiple AF points scattered all over the image area, which overcome the issues stated in that article. As such, what remains of the article is a perhaps a good read and reminder of how far we've come, but of little relevance unless your camera only has 1 AF sensor.

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    Default Re: Auto-Focus Flaws inherent ?

    hmm understood it... then i now learn to use MF... thought was the AF system problem... back focus & such...
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    Default Re: Auto-Focus Flaws inherent ?

    Thanks for sharing sulhan but the fact that many of today's autofocus sensors are pretty accurate gives very little credibility to this article anymore.

    Please note that the author is talking about autofocus being "in the centre of many cameras" which could only imply he was talking about the Nikon F90X era or earlier where AF sensors are bigger and a lot less accurate than today's multi-point sensors although I do admit that some lower end cameras might not have as sensitive a sensor as the higher end ones.

    Let's just read this article with a pinch of salt and not get sleepless nights brooding over it.

    Thanks anyway.


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