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Thread: Reverse Macro Ring with Metabones

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    Default Reverse Macro Ring with Metabones

    Hi everyone. Has anyone tried using a reverse macro ring with a metabones on a Sony? Is it even possible by any chance? I'm suspecting yes but I'm not sure.
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    Default Re: Reverse Macro Ring with Metabones

    Are you saying using a metabones adapter on Sony mirrorless camera body, then mounting a reverse macro ring on the metabones adapter then attach a lens (in reverse)?

    I have not tried before, but sounds do-able, as the reverse macro ring just converts the bayonet mount on the metabones adaptor or camera body to a filter thread for you to screw in your lens. Or consider a straight forward 3rd party extension tube without electric contacts, since you're losing electronic coupling anyway with a reverse ring? (I'm not sure which gives better magnification but it also depends on the focal length of your lens)

    Maybe some expert can give their real life experience?

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    Default Re: Reverse Macro Ring with Metabones

    Reverse lens macro photography has no electronic contact between the lens and body, so you have no control on the aperture.

    There are some extension tubes in the market that allow electronic contacts between lens and body


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