Happy Monday everybody! Here’s a quick little tipthat can really speed up your workflow when you’ve got a lot of collections or folders.

Above: This first part is a mini-tip unto itself because not everybody knows that if you click onany of the text just to the right of the gray arrows at the top left of the Filmstrip, a pop-up menu will appear, and under Recent Sources a list of your most recently visitedCollections and/or Folders will appear in a pop-up menu. Want to get back to one of those quickly? Just choose it from the list. Pretty handy, butthat’s not the tip.
If you look just above the Recent Sources in that pop-up menu you’ll see Favorite Sources and I think this one is much more useful, because this is where you can put collections or folders that you find yourself working in on a regular basis (maybe it’s a Smart Collection, or a folder of your finals, etc.). Now, you can add those to the list and they’ll be there every time (whether you’ve used them recently or not).

Above: To add your currently selected Collection or Folder to your Favorite Sources list: just click that text at the top left of the Filmstrip to bring up that same pop-up menu, and choose “Add to Favorites” at the bottom of the pop-up menu (as shown here).

Above: Now that Collection (in this case, a saved book collection) will appear from now on under Favorite Sources (as seen here).
How’s that for a quick little Monday get-yer-week-goin’ tip?
Hope you have a great week!
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