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Thread: Guess e lens (Part Deux)

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    Default Guess e lens (Part Deux)

    hehe... continueing on from marlboro guys...

    hehe... actually some should noe wat lens liao..... cos no money for ex one

    for those on a budget, there are a few sigma's on b&s...

    but this also shows that the sigma is'nt that bad... i get the feeling it is'nt realli using the e300's 8 mpix to the full, but it is pretti sharp mnore than enuff for web and i'm sure it could print an 8r or 10r with no prob... and it is quite tiny, around the same size as the 14-45 kit...just that on the long end after pixel peeping is a bit wanna upgrade....

    for more pics look out at the sports reportage section in the forums...
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    Default Re: Guess e lens (Part Deux)

    Ehh, this must be taken with the Ed 35 -100 mm F2

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    Quote Originally Posted by chainsmoker
    Ehh, this must be taken with the Ed 35 -100 mm F2

    actually it's taken with a top secret classified still in testing phase ZD14-200mm ED F1.4....


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