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Thread: Is this fungus serious????

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    Question Is this fungus serious????

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    Hi I need help I would like to know if fungus like these will affect picture quality.

    Would also like to know if its worth getting the fungus cleaned and would like some recommendation on where to clean them!
    Preferably cheap!

    The lens is a Minolta MD Rokkor 50mm 1.7 anyways!

    Much thanks!!

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    Default Re: Is this fungus serious????

    1) Every fungus is serious.
    2) Likely it will affect the image because it seems close or at the rear element.
    3) Check for member fatigue although I heard he is quite busy currently.

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    Default Re: Is this fungus serious????

    You may consider DIY to clean up the lens.
    Check out on the web how to do it...

    Use the phrase "Minolta MD Rokkor 50mm 1.7 disassembly"
    Tons of youtube on DIY came up

    Include one to let have a look. Not too difficult to disassemble, and depending on where the fungus patches are located, you may or may not be able to clear them up.
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