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Thread: Lost images in X-Drive!

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    Default Lost images in X-Drive!

    I just downloaded images from my X-Drive after a recent holiday. Realized there were a few missing RAW images! They are there in the HDD since they take up about 3MB space each. But no image appears and I can't convert them to TIFF format. Anyone experienced this or know how to remedy the problem? Thanks!

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    did you mean that you can see the file name of those "lost image", but can't access them?
    what software you use to view,?
    try BreezeBrowser, at least you can see it in thumbnail..

    as most of the CORUPTED IMAGE problem faced by X-drive users,
    it is due to FAT mess-up in the CF that X-drive can't cope with
    the corupted files will have a white / yellow part at the bottom of it..

    to prevent this:
    1> don't mess up your FAT by delete some photos in your cam
    2> if you need to delete, just delete the last image that you've just taken
    3> Do not full your card till the MAX b4 transfering to X-drive
    4> always format you card after you transfer the files into X-drive

    note : double copy from card to X-drive will not solve the issue..
    as the FAT is still in a mess for X-drive to read/ write properly.

    hope this will help


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