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Thread: Enquiries on advertising on Club Snap

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    Default Enquiries on advertising on Club Snap

    Hi, is there somebody I can talk to with regards to advertising on Club Snap?

    And the product I am trying to advertise is not exactly related to photography but it is very useful for photographers' photographs (ok, it's a Windows-based backup software, which I guess may be useful for photographers if they want to backup their photographs). However, I fully understand this is a photography forum so I wouldn't really expect I can advertise non-photography related products on it, but if it's allowed, I would like to speak to someone in charge of advertising to learn about costs, etc.

    Can somebody point me in the right direction to find out more info or someone i can contact directly?
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    Default Re: Enquiries on advertising on Club Snap

    1) All inquiries go to the admins of the forum. Simon is one of them, drop him a message.
    2) You noticed already that it's not a photographic product. According your logic, we could also have car ads here.. because photographers use them to go to their locations...


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