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Thread: Portfolio Book advice

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    Default Any Portfolio Book advice?

    Hi there,
    I intend to go down Citylink and get one of those photo book for my portfolio.

    1. Can anyone advice me on whether I should print 8R matte or gloss? Whats the 'norm'?

    2. I'm staying in the west side, is there any reputable printers nearby with good color calibration?

    Thank you, thank you...
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    Default Re: Any Portfolio Book advice?

    u can try miao lan at bukit batok west if u need a guide, i can bring u there.

    for photos, i prefer matt somehow.

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    Default Re: Portfolio Book advice

    i personally prefer gloss. brings out colour and contrast more. and i goto Grace digital.

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    Default Re: Portfolio Book advice

    I guess the norm depends on you.
    Why not test print both types and see which you like?
    Of course i don't mean print the entire collection.

    Just that for glossy prints you need to watch your fingerprints, but the colors are usually more vivid and slightly more details in the shadows.

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    Default Re: Portfolio Book advice

    Thks folks,
    If I use those photo album with sticky plastic overlay, does that mean I should probably print matte? So it wouldn't be too 'shiny'?....paisay

    wa,thks for the offer to bring me to miao lan, thank you for being so helpful, but I'll try to find the place first. thanks again


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