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Thread: Photographer from San Francisco, USA

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    Default Photographer from San Francisco, USA

    Hi all,

    I'm originally from Malaysia and been in the US for 20+ years. Been a photographer here for
    over 10 years. I visit Singapore & malaysia every year and was thinking, heck, I should check
    out the photography scene here. I teach photography classes every now and then. I am
    planning to be back to Singapore on Oct 21st through Oct 30th. I'm hoping to get hook up
    with local photographers just to chat and get connected. Any interest?

    These are our work over here.

    - Michael Soo

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    Default Re: Photographer from San Francisco, USA

    Hello Michael from Jeff in Oklahoma.
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    Default Re: Photographer from San Francisco, USA

    Hi Michael, welcome to ClubSNAP,

    perhaps you post a thread for meet up session in Gatherings and Outings will be easier for you and anyone to arrange meet up.

    hope this help.
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    Default Re: Photographer from San Francisco, USA

    Weclome to ClubSNAP Michael. Saw your works a few years back. Awesome work.
    You actually shot the bridals for two of my classmates from Santa Clara University.

    Just drop us a PM anytime. We can arrange something.
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