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Thread: Evening sunset at Changi

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    Default Evening sunset at Changi

    Hi all,

    A pic of the setting sun i took at changi with my compact.
    Any comments?

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    Default Re: Evening sunset at Changi

    Looks like changi boardwalk.

    May want to tilt the horizon cos it's slanted. The colours look a bit pale for a sunrise. You can try adjusting the saturation a little.

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: Evening sunset at Changi

    agree with knox with e pale colours.. from the height of the sun.. i 'think' u took the shot too early.. usually the colours will be richer when the sun is lower and about to set..

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    Default Re: Evening sunset at Changi

    Thanks for the comments
    The shot was taken early cuz of time constraints. Will take note of the tilts and the timings in future


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