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Thread: ten/twentyfour project - year four

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    Mark your calendars, set your clocks and load up your cameras. For you're invited to take part in our special annual ten/twentyfour project.

    Join participants from around the world as they attempt to capture one specific moment as it passes over several locations on the globe.

    October 24, 10:24 GMT.

    The project has now reached its fourth year with participants from the US to UK, Middle East to Australia, Singapore to Venezuela. Now we'd like you to show us your corner of the planet.

    Keen? To register, simply send us an email with your name/nick, and tell us where you'll be shooting and the type of camera you'll be using. There are no fees and all copyright for your images will remain yours.

    For more details on the project, and a look at a some of our past participants' works, visit us at

    We look forward to your participation.

    - The tentwentyfour team

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    Sounds interesting... I'm in. I'm gonna touch down at Melbourne on that day. First day of my holiday. Should be interesting.
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    don't know what is this all about but sounds interesting. unfortunately, quite difficult to participate as have to work on that day.
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    sounds great!

    the website's down, though.

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    Up, it's today!


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