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Thread: Want to learn macro photography

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    Default Want to learn macro photography

    Hi guys,

    After seeing all the macro posting in this section here, immediately I fell in love with it!

    Bought the Fuji XF 90mm yesterday & start shooting this morning. However, cannot achieve a " can look" shot!

    Can I join & learn from the experts here?


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    Default Re: Want to learn macro photography

    If there is any outing you could join in though but....

    Are you using manually to focus because your XF 90 can do 1:1 right?
    Are you using on board flash or flash like nissin i40?
    Did you use a diffuser? Like char kway tiao plate or others....

    usual things like set your fuji cam to M mode, adjust to F11 and move in to the bug or subject you are shooting that's for start and you can google for diffuser and head on to macro journey.
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    Default Re: Want to learn macro photography

    Hi Simon,

    Thanks for inviting! I'm a newbie to photography. Just started only.

    I'm shooting auto, no flash & diffuser. Just read the sticky notes today on the tips to shoot macro.

    I'll buy a flash & make a DIY diffuser ASAP to try out shooting this weekend.

    Thanks for for tips!


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    Default Re: Want to learn macro photography

    This is photo gallery thread. Post a pic and your setup may allow others to give you pointers to improve.

    I do manual focus without turning the focus ring. I used flash ALL the time (as I shoot night macro). I DIY my diffuser using white thin foam material.
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    Default Re: Want to learn macro photography

    Hi Sam

    Fuji 90mm is not a macro lens. so will suggest you get a raynox or a fuji extension tube MCEX-11 or MCEX-16 for close up macro on your subject.

    Im using a Fuji X-T1 with 60mm macro (2:1)mounted with a Extension tube MCEX 16. Using Nissin I40 flash and DIY Diffuser. I dont shoot auto on my subject. I use manual mode.
    It will take awhile for you to get use to shooting manual and the technics used while shooting live subjects.

    For start you can try some items at home, after you get the idea how to shoot then you can go outside try it out. Example shoot the tip of a ballpoint pen or a lego figure up close and so on.

    As Dykat2009 said, best also share your pic here with your setup pple can give some tips

    Good luck and enjoy macro photography.
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    Default Re: Want to learn macro photography

    Thanks Bahnoo & Dykat2009 for your pointers!

    I bought the mcex 11 & 16 stacked it together to my 90mm lens. Also bought the ring LED to try out.

    I intend to get the raynox lens to try out.


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