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Thread: Buying Gold

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfgang

    I would like to check if it is possible to buy gold bars (not those big ingots or bars) but something like a 500g gold bar or something along those lines. I was also wondering abt the prices.

    Could anyone advise?

    Geez.. why do you wanna buy gold right now? Gold prices are at a 17 year high.
    Never buy high.
    If you want go get the Australian Nugget or Canadian Maple leaf (99.99% purity).

    If you wanna give to gf or wife, can get the Credit Suisse ones:

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    Can get from banks. some of the gold smith also carry.
    Right now can get as gift etc... but investment is a no no as it is at a 17 year high.
    Forsee the price will tumble when the price of oil stabilize.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfgang
    Aiyoh.. for the last time.. this has absolutely nothing to do withany other halves or in-laws etc...
    Let me guess... you are from the future and the gold is for the Flux Capacitor of your Delorean time machine. You need itso that you can go back....

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    Let me guess you need it for photo shoot?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tush
    Nice... I like the Hover version thou... :P... hmmm... this one got fusion... dun need petrolium

    Anyhow... I've heard that you can buy/sell those gold bar (brick sized ones) but you can't physically take it out of the national bank, all you get is a certificate or some sort like stocks...

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    Lightbulb Re: Buying Gold

    ot, perhaps. i have some credit suisse gold(light weight) which i am thinking of realising it into cash. i have asked one money changer, who quoted me $22.00 per gram(his buying rate). where else can i get bette price? anyone familiar with pawnshops' prices?

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    hope this is nothing to do with me...hahaha

    wolfgang knows what this means..

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