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    Hi guys so i'm new to the forum, going down this week to take a look at the x-a2 as i'm new to mirrorless camera.
    I currently own a D3000 ( 2 years camera ) with a few lens and was thinking if i should wait to upgrade a new body or jump straight to a new platform of mirrorless cameras.

    My bucketlist would be : Fuji X-T1 ( no budget for now and wanna try X-A2 for a shot first )

    should i get a new body for nikon? or should i shift to canon? or just try out fuji mirrorless cameras first

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    From your post.
    You seems alittle lost and wanting to upgrade for the sake of it.

    If you buy the D610. Which is a full frame camera. Your current lenses may not work properly on it. Unless you have full frame lenses.

    Changing/buying another system will cost money.. sometimes can be alot money if you consider getting lenses as well.

    I guess you should reassessed your need/want and priorities.

    It will be good to ask yourself why u want to jump/change gear or you can share with us why. So others can advise you better.

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    Perhaps you could let us know what are your needs and what you want to photograph and why do you want to get full frame or why are you looking at mirrorless.

    X-A2 and D610 seems to be at opposite end of price spectrum as well as portability
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    Also, if u want to get the xa2 as a proxy or precursor to xt1, what's the point? The two main features in the flagship that people love (dslr-like ergonomics and control, and the x-trans sensor/colour array) is absent in the xa2. Only significant similarity is the lens mount. If u must, at least get the xm1.

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    I think you need to know what you want out of the new camera, because it seems from your post that you have not mentioned the reason and is wildly swaying between 2 very different systems.

    I'm still using a 4yr old K30 and it even does the occasional paid shoot.
    So I do think your D3000 should suffice for most needs.


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