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Thread: Raw or not?

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    Hi all,

    I've bought a prosumer cam not too long ago...abt 3 mths liao i think.

    I've been thinking whether to shoot in raw, tiff or jpeg in SHQ ( as in when to use certain formats).....until now i still can't find an answer to this.

    Many photographers only shoot in raw, as raw files are unprocessed and uncompressed , thus has more details and more flexibility in post processing. But read and write speed are slower for raw and tiff as compared to jpeg.

    Jpeg, easy to shoot. Fast read.write, but image is compressed...thus will lost some fine details

    Will need some advises and comments from you guys. Thanks

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    one thing to consider might be how many other controls you have on the camera. if you are able to change settings like whitebalance finetuning, contrast, hue, sharpening etc. on the camera, i think it might be better to shoot jpeg. i am only saying this due to my experience with extremely slow speed while shooting raw.

    i think it is best to shoot at the finest jpeg large setting. the one place where i would use raw is in changing light conditions like sunsets and sunrises, and when you need to print the concerned photo at large sizes.


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    My camera has WB, sharpening, saturation adj.

    My experience in shooting RAW wasn't that pleasant too, slow write/ lagi slow read speed. I tried to use RAW again when i was shooting some super macro on Ants.

    Somehow my SHQ jpeg pics turn out better, not sure whether it's due to my impatience of the RAW files reading for a quick view.

    vkashi > i got ur pt, thanks


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