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    Hi guys,
    Some of you here may be interested in putting yourself on this weblisting. Especially in the Digital imaging category. At the moment only me there, kekeke


    BTW, I'm not affiliated to them and just sharing a link.
    Only thing bad is that its free because you can only upload x5 images free plus each image is max 600x600, they're kindda tiny....unless you pay of course

    These are the categories:
    * Digital Imaging / Retoucher
    * Photo Journaling Specialists
    * Photographer Assistants
    * Pro Photographers

    Thats all, cheers!
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    Default Re:

    ok I know you not affiliated to them and just sharing a link but is there a need to go all the way out and post so many tread on it??

    To mi .. it make mi feel that YOU are affiliated to them.

    Tread closed.


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