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Thread: Canon 350D vs Nikon D50

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    Default Canon 350D vs Nikon D50

    I don't seems to be able to decide which is the better camera (since both are pretty lose in terms of price). Different reviews do seems to have different opinions. Eg. In dpreview, the image on 350D to seems better. However, show that D50 is better.

    I am leaned to wards the D50 due to its lower price and respect I have for the D70 (managed to get hold of 1 to play for a while, its very impressive).

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    Get the D50 then! Although I would very much recommend the D70 or D70s if budget allows. Ergonomics wise, I prefer the D70. However, having owned a 350D before, I would say it's performance is very impressive in terms of churning out pleasing images. BUT, I have never compared it with a D70 nor D50 before.

    One of the fav advice here is to go down the shop and try both of them out. Oh yes, it's almost mandatory to have a grip for 350D, otherwise handling will be a problem, unless you have small hands.

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    Default Re: Canon 350D vs Nikon D50

    both are not close in terms of price. in fact, the 350d is a few hundred bucks more expensive than the D50. i'm the current owner of shinken's 350D

    i love it, and my hands are small but i don feel much of a problem handling it. its easy to use and images are good. noise at 1600 is also perfectly useable.

    personally i would go for KM5d over D50. similar price ranges. but with anti shake in the KM, that wins me over


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