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    Hi all,

    Remember the last Mars Watch in 2003? Well, Mars is back again and we are organising Mars Watch 2005, so that the general public will not be fooled by fake emails telling you that Mars is like the moon, etc...and let you see the real thing!

    I'll be there as well. In 2003 I had my ETX90 (3.6") but this time round, I will be using my Celestron C5 (5")..I call it my "5C" heh heh.. I know some CSnappers here have a C5 or some humongous Canon lens. Do bring the along!

    Here are the details :
    (Do note we are still discussing on the details, so some of these activities may change.) Check out the Web site for more details :

    Mars Watch Forum :

    Mars Watch 2005

    Venue: Republic Polytechnic sports complex (near Redhill MRT station).
    Date: Saturday, 29th October 2005
    Time: 7pm till morning.

    The closest approach of Mars in 2003 drew a lot of public attention and allowed us to see Mars bigger than we have ever seen it before. Mars Watch I and Mars Watch II, two public events held in Chinese Gardens and Bedok Reservoir respectively, were highly successful events that drew huge crowds and introduced many to the joys of astronomy in Singapore.

    This year on November 3rd, Mars will again come into opposition, and will be a blazing red beacon in our night sky. The astronomy community here in Singapore sees this again as another opportunity to share our passion for the night sky with members of the general public.


    a. Telescopes for Public Viewing
    Volunteers from school clubs and Singastro will set up telescope stations for members of the public to look through. Many amazing telescopes and views of Mars will be available for all to look. Learn about astronomy and telescopes from the many helpful and passionate volunteers.

    b. Poster Exhibition
    A poster exhibition on Mars and on astronomy prepared by NJC and SP will be displayed along the covered walkways.

    c. Astronomy talks
    There will be a talk, “An Introduction to Practical Astronomy” by Mr Vincent Kee, a long-time astronomy supporter at 8pm.
    Other talks are pending.

    d. Live projection screen
    An image of Mars from a telescope will be projected unto a video screen live via a webcam.

    e. Vendors corner
    Some telescope vendors will be there introducing affordable ways to own your very own telescope.


    1. Public outreach
    The universe and the night sky is not something that Singaporeans easily appreciate because of our urban environment. Yet, the stars and the heavens are there every night. Many Singaporeans are instinctively curious and interested in astronomy, but have no avenues for knowing more about the universe we live in. This public event will allow interested individuals, young and old, to get a look of what Mars looks like, learn more about astronomy, and get their questions answered by the gathering of amateur astronomers.

    2. Increase awareness and contact between astronomy clubs
    There is basically no collaboration and contact between the various school astronomy clubs in Singapore. By contacting and inviting all the astronomy clubs to gather for this event, students and teachers will be able to meet and network with others.

    3. Meeting other astronomy enthusiasts
    This event will allow people to meet others who share their interest in astronomy. It will allow them to meet new friends and to gain knowledge that others have to share.

    4. Enjoy Mars
    The planet Mars will not appear as big as this year for another 16 years. Mars Watch provides a view of Mars through the many telescopes that will be set up.

    This event is jointly organised by the Republic Polytechnic astronomy club, Singapore Polytechnic astronomy club, and members from Singastro.

    Background on Singastro
    Singastro is an informal online community of amateur astronomers that had humble beginnings as a yahoogroups forum. Currently it has a healthy forum with over 400 registered members comprising the young and old, students and professionals, and even individuals from neighbouring countries. Its members are passionate about astronomy and are always happy to share their knowledge and experience with others. About 15 people have volunteered to bring their scopes and set up viewing stations for the public on this night.

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    By the way, Mars won't be visible until 9 pm, so you can look at the exhibits and attend the talk first...

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    Just a reminder that Mars Watch is coming! Do make a date and see you all at Republic Polytechnic...

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    I think I saw mars just 2 hrs ago. Although just with my naked eyes, I hope that's mars.

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    its bright and its orangy...somewhere near zenith at midnight..yes, that's Mars.
    you can see it at higher magnification during the event.....


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