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Thread: blackout curves dialog box

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    Default blackout curves dialog box

    i am using photoshop 7 and for some unknown reason, my curves dialog box is blackout recently. can't see the diagonal line at all. the whole box is black.
    i can still make changes by sticking the cursor inside the box even tho i can't see the diagonal line.
    did i click on something i shouldn't have? thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: blackout curves dialog box

    im out of touch with Photoshop7 already.
    So please dont take my words for granted.

    But the problem to me, sounds more like a program error.
    If there's no other solution, re-installing the program would help, I guess.
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    yes i did uninstalled and reinstalled again. yet the problem didn't go away. guess upgrade is the only option. tks anyway.


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