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    hey guys, I just inherited my mother's Olympus XA, yup, the 1979 FIRST version. It has quite a bit of fungal growth on th lens though. ANy ideas where I can get it fixed up? Any recommendations? Thank you! =)

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    u can try those 2nd camera shops. maybe they provide such cleaning service. there's a shop at basement of Adelfi call P & G Photographic Centre, the shop cleans lens fungus so maybe they also clean cam bodies. go check them out.

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    can also try TCW (The camera workshop)... they do repairs for rangefinders, and i also saw a few XA2's there.... i think they may also have the A11 flash there too

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    hi RudyTT, did u get it fixed?

    i heard the XA is one of its kind, the first idiot cam to use a F2.8 Zuiko lens. the XA2 used the F3.5 Zuiko instead. if u can find the A16 flash, it wud be a better buy compare to A11, mainly higher flash power & faster recharge.


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    by the way, olympus XA or XA2 is a more worthful to get?


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