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Thread: ZD 11-22mm mini review cont'd

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    Default ZD 11-22mm mini review cont'd

    hi guys, i wud like to pick up where kktan left off.

    ok, here r a few more pics. the first one is to closely scrutinise the colour error aka Chroma Aberration (CA for short) of this lens. there's no ED element in this lens & how well can it handle CA & renders colour?

    take a look at the full pic first:

    now take a close look at 100% crop:

    besides the obvious blur in the image caused by wind, there's a little CA found but as u can see very clearly, it so little & very well under control.

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    next we look at the sharpness of this lens.

    now why the E sys owners swear by the ZDs? there exist some qualities thats hard to find in another brand of lenses.

    lets look at the full pic first:

    here is the 100% crop, tell me what u see:

    nope, not dead people this time i m afraid. its made in Germany & its 12v 60/55W rating.

    the sky highlights r blown cos the pic is exposed for the headlight.

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    well last but not least, how well does this lens handle distortion?

    look no further cos the answer is right here!!

    again we look at the actual pic first:

    everything looks ok & normal.

    now lets take a closer look at it on the bottom left hand corner where the HDB flats are:

    what do u guys think? for me, this is among the best kind of distortion i have ever seen. the typical wide lens error is there but thats about it, no huge barrel or pincushion distortion found. ok, u may say that this is not specific enuf, i need to shoot something with checker boxes & straight on. however, i m doing this as a real life situation. the distortion on image looks very well under control.

    also noticed there isn't much CA to talk about.

    such a beautiful lens & car, all courtesy by kktan. of cos not forgetting to thank the higher level being for HIS blessing on that day for such a wonderful, bright sunny evening.

    thx for reading!! have fun shooting & sharing!!

    (ps. all images shot on the E300 with ZD 11-22mm were RAW files. converted straight to jpegs using Oly Studio software with no other adjustments or tweaks made. i used the native Oly software for best results & not other 3rd party stuff like RawShooter, C1 capture or Adobe ACR which r not optimised for Oly RAW format. i believe u get better quality using the orignal manufacturer's software)
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    Default Re: ZD 11-22mm mini review cont'd

    Wah KK U stay in that area?

    If so looks like we can go take pics together.


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