#5: Ctrl-click / Right-click is your best friend

Following on from my last tip there are so many times throughout Lightroom that the contextual menu that appears after a (Mac) ctrl-click / (Win) right-click (which from here on out Iíll just refer to as right-click) is just the thing you are looking for to get the job done. Let me highlight a few examples.
Need to create a new subfolder right within an existing folder? No problem, just right-click the parent folder and youíll see a contextual menu option to create a folder inside that folder. This is also where you can find the options to rename that folder and a whole bunch of handy folder related tasks.
Right-click to find folder options.

Just discovered that one of the panels has gone missing from a module? No problem, just right-click one of the other panels on that side of the interface and check the missing panel from the contextual menu. Handy for setting Solo mode too.
Right-click to find panel options.

Need to perform some action on a photo or selection of photos? No problem, just right-click and be amazed at the array of options that appear before you!
Right-click to find photo options.

I trust you get the idea by now that there is a lot to discover in those contextual menus, and all you need to do is right-click around to find them. Find all of my 10 More Things posts.
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