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    Need to make a home-made drybox. Anyone have any ideas to share or recommendations for me to try out. Thinking of getting a dry-cabinet, but its rather ex. So anyone have any suggestions for a cheaper alternative? Thanks!

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    Home made dry-box? I used to use a MILO tin. Put in some silica gel in it. That was my first dry-box.

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    There are many old threads on drybox and electric dry cabinet. Do a search
    in the forum.

    Any air-tight plastic box filled up with some silica gel should do the job.
    Watch the color change, and do replace it regularly with fresh ones.
    This is a temporary solution. Suggestion is save up and get
    a proper electric dry cabinet. It will save you a lots trouble in the long run.

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    Lock Lock airtight container, plus silica beads. My previous setup..didnt last more then 2 weeks because of COMEX 2005..hehe

    But eventually, I got a dry cabinet to take care of my problem..too much hassle as silica beads change colour too fast...Singapore is too humid, and also, regeneration of beads by heat not environmentally friendly nor good to health i think. So, save a bit and get a dry cabinet..better in the long run.


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    thanks to all!


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