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    Hi Bros...
    it is my 1st time to use Sanyo fast charger battery.
    Is it normal after I charged my batt noticed that the 2 batts in the middle
    are always hotter than the other two (left and right).

    but when I use my old GP power bank2 to charge my Sanyo 2300,
    all of 4 batts turn to be the same heat (hot but still slightly coller than use Sanyo charger).

    Pls enlighten me

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    Yup. That is normal. I think Sanyo charging algorithm start with the outer 2 first then follow by the middle 2 slot, at least this is what i observe from both of my Sanyo. Also, bcos the middle 2 slot is quite close and this also contribute to the higher temperature of the batts charging in it.


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    Thanks Daniel


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