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Thread: Facebook Group "Club Olympus Singapore"

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    Default Facebook Group "Club Olympus Singapore"

    Hi All,

    For those who might be interested, a couple of us had started a Facebook group as above mentioned.

    "Club Olympus Singapore" is a family of like-minded members where we can share ideas, learn from each other and showcase images from Microfourthirds and Olympus photography equipment.

    As such, please limit posting photos taken with a Olympus camera (any lenses , even adapted are great too) or images of MFT products"

    We do see Facebook and ClubSNAP as different portals, and certainly both can coexist in same ideology, with a fun and friendly community building as a bigger picture.

    Join us today, there's already 90 members since we started more than a week ago.

    Cheers, LP.

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    Default Re: Facebook Group "Club Olympus Singapore"

    hi everyone, come , join join !

    here's a screenshot of the Club Olympus Facebook group

    1. Just search for 'Club Olympus Singapore' in Facebook.
    2. We are running a closed Facebook group, hence one will have request for entry (so pls don be surprised )


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