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    Hi Guys

    I could not get a panoramic shot even though I switched to SCN > PANORAMA mode. Was told the there will be a 'P'indicated on the top right hand of the pic.... but I did not see any. Sigh.


    Kind Regards

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    The camera body manual will explain to you how to do a panorama.
    Pano shots require to take a series of images and stitch them together.
    You have a good tripod? Need one to do good pano shots

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    Hi Shierwin

    Yes I did a series of shots but when I used e supplied software to stitch.. it says something like.. unrecognised file.. cant stitch. As mentioned a pano shot has a "P" appears on e top right corner of e pic as i was told in manual Mine does not show. Puzzling.

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    Just use iPhone, better than all the cameras out there
    WTB Manfrotto RC4 L Bracket


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