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Thread: 23th AUG 2015 [SUN] 我爱JB~的CHABOR

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    Red face 23th AUG 2015 [SUN] 我爱JB~的CHABOR


    Enough sweetness for this weekend ?
    Are you able to resist another round of sweetness overload ?
    Don't miss this great chance to meet hardworking Alice.

    *Huge continuous lighting provided.

    DATE: 23th AUG 2015 [SUN]

    Time: 0800hrs 1000hrs

    VENUE: To be disclose to participants

    OUTFIT: 2 sets of Lingerie

    Slots Ratio > Max. 6:1

    Cost: $120/- per pax

    To join & register, kindly pls sms/whatsapp to
    i) GERALD @ 9337 7253
    ii) JASON @ 9363 7793

    Do click on our top-left hand Logo.
    It will bring you to our FB page.
    Thank you.

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    Red face Re: 23th AUG 2015 [SUN] 我爱JB~的CHABOR

    Alice has tons of portfolio by many photographers.
    Here are some marvelous credits & work to showcase.


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