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Thread: Road hogs

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    i hate idiots who missed a left/right turn and then try to REVERSE their car to get into the turn just to save the trouble of doing a detour ...........

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    Quote Originally Posted by adamadam
    I like to drive slow so that when people change lanes to try to overtake me, I speed up and make them speed through the speed-trap
    Now now , not very polite on this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lensman
    It also goes to show how "stuck up" think you have to begin with.

    Unlike the 1D, where whatever frame speed you use, it does not matters to the other around you. Except for perhaps the noise from the shutter clicks. Nobody else is effected or inconveinced by the choice.

    The slow hogs are causing unnecessary delays on the road and on the outer 2 lanes too. Especially when the conditions allows for upto the specified speed limits.

    Drive fast and critize you ? where got time .... chey, I leave it to the TP to handle that.
    If you are diving within speed limit and what the road conditions allows, why should you be afraid of TP ?
    stuck up? hmmm... calling a bmw and overpriced cage.. or assuming that ppl have got $$ for car and no $$ for petrol...sounds familiar?

    sure.. u might not have time to critise when someone drives fast.. but u sure got lots of time to notice that drivers have been driving slower then before, amazing that u even noted the speeds. You even have the time to start a time?? tsk tsk

    and no.. fyi.. overpriced car drivers are NOT trying to mock anyone here.. we are jus trying to cruise and enjoy wat we paid for.. same time save petrol.. i don't think tats illegal.. and hey.. having a speed limit does not mean one has to travel AT the limit

    anyway.. no offences to u.. jus voicing out for those out there and those in here tat happened to drive an overprice caged.. NO we are NOT mocking at anyone.. maybe we jus have no $$ for petrol :P and to clear somethings up.. having a speed limit of 80km/h does not mean we have to drive at 80km/h.. cheers

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