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    hi, this was my first attempt on shooting with a 300d. shot it on july 05 when i've just started on photography. other than the subject not sharply focused, what else can be improved? thanks

    [adjusted the contrast and brightness of the image]
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    in this case, the miniscule subject does not work. Try getting closer or zooming in. I would like to see the bird maybe fill a quart of the frame at least.
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    this pic is slightly confusing to me, as i do not know where to focus on. the 2 birds are like bowling pins at the far end of each corner, and you do not know which one to bowl over. perhaps you could have placed one in the centre. nice contrast and colours!

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    hmm... okay. thanks for the comments

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    the pic works for me. the birds caught my attention immediately. nice colours there. but would have prefer a lil more space with the pyramid rule. but still nice work! maybe i'll try a square crop on this photo.

    but nice photo again!

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    sorry, pretty new with photography, what's pyramid rule?

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    to me, sharpness is not a major concern in this photo. i like the mood.

    probably could have shot from a slightly lower angle to avoid the grass silhouette on the left merging with the dark cloud bank - the texture of the grass 'ridge' makes it interesting.
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    hmm... okay. thanks for the comments again. ^^
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