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Thread: Portrait Photography

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    yea his photos are...inspiring...heh
    hope i can do as well in times to come~
    do u think all his photos are done with natural lighting?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lsolaTioN
    One of those areas i'm pretty interested in is portrait photography but i don't really know how exactly should i start and if i should have any equipment...budget wise i'm rather tight as in i cant afford any expensive lighting least i get e impression that they are expensive...I also hear of PAs for some shoots and does it help? and how to be a PA?

    Another thing i'm concerned about is....generally when talking about portrait photography e camera of choice tend to be SLRs so can my camera do it? what is it about SLRs that make it more suited for this kind of photography?
    1 When you say you are interested in "portrait photography", what exactly do you mean? Are you talking about taking pictures of models? Are you talking about take portraits of people you meet? Are you talking about "formal portraits" but not in a fashion sense?

    2 In any case, great portraits can be made with natural sunlight. The only time you need artificial light is when there is no natural light - in which case a household light will also do just fine! How expensive can that be?

    3 Any camera can be used to take portraits, such as the A80. It just mean that you have less control of the "settings". But you can learn to be more "creative" with lesser equipments.

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    SLR need not be expensive. A reasonable used film SLR could be had for something like $200 and add a simple 50mmF1.8 lens and you're in it already. Or a used 28-80 F3.5-5.6 zoom could be had for something like $100.

    The beauty of photography is that most photo gear have got resale value. Sometimes, you get some use stuff, use it for a few months and then sell it away for the same price!
    I love big car, big house, big lenses, but small apertures.

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    Well, unless your budget is really that limited, get a
    used 300D kit + EF 50mm/1.8
    The whole set cost less than $1K, and it make a day and night difference (better than any digicam) for portrait.

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    One important advantage of DSLR over prosumer is the relatively low noise level, thus the ability to use high ISO speed.

    I will not hesitate to shoot at ISO800 where the lighting are inadequate, the pic quality is still very acceptable from an entry level DSLR like Canon 350D.

    I prefer to use a large aperture prime lens while shooting portrait, to blur the background & keep the attention on the subject. For a 1.6x crop, I think the 50f1.4, 85f1.8 & 135f2L are very good choices..

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