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    Hi...not sure if this is an appropriate place to post this thread
    I've been wondering as most of us are using digital now...
    is it best for us to capture our pics in raw?
    Besides taking up space in our HD and the ability to change white balance and more...
    Is it best to capture in raw and then save as tiff or jpeg after pp or just shoot in jpeg with
    custom function in our cam?

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    Its up to you really, whether you really need that extra 4 bits of data. For my day-to-day shots I don't shoot in RAW, partially because the photographs I take are not crucial or anything (just casual shots) and also because my 300D writes RAW files like how snails move. I also can't stand processing every single shot afterwards although when I do send them for printing I do adjust the ones that I want to print.

    Heres an article by Bob Atkins doing a little comparison:

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    Quote Originally Posted by n0d3
    Heres an article by Bob Atkins doing a little comparison:
    n0d3, thanks for the link. Insightful info.

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    Thanks nod3.

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    I shoot RAW if I am doing a commercial or corporate shoot and Jpeg when doing events and casual shoot. I have made a comparison between NEF (RAW in Nikon) and Jpeg and I realized there are not much of a difference in files from both D2X and D100. The reason why I shoot in NEF is solely for the ease of editing later.

    If your camera allows both RAW and Jpeg simultaneous capture you might want to shoot both format together and if the Jpeg one is good then trash the RAW. If not, use the RAW to edit before saving as Jpeg or Tiff.


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