Hi Gang: The video above kind of explains what the book is about, but I thought Iíd take 30-seconds to define both, so you know which one is for you (and, of course, Iím hoping one of them is for you. And your friends. And family. And strangers you meet on the street. Etc.).
My existing Lightroom Book for Digital Photographers
Itís designed to teach you Lightroom from the ground up, and its focus is on workflow, and teaching you all the awesome stuff that Lightroom does so you can fall in love with it like about a bazillion photographers around the world already have. Here are the links to it on†Barnes & Noble,†Amazon, or from us at†KelbyOne.
My New Lightroom Book
This one is a reference guide for people already up and running in Lightroom. You donít read it cover-to-cover (like the other book); instead, you just keep this one nearby and when you see something you donít know how to do (or wonder if Lightroom can even do it), you turn to the right chapter, and thereís a quick, no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point description of how to do just that one thing. Here are the links to it on†Barnes & Noble,†Amazon,†KelbyOne, or from†Rocky Nook†(this is my first book with them. I hope I donít blow it with the risky idea Iím about to unleash below).
On August 13th, weíre trying something weíve never done beforeÖ
On that date, weíre putting the entire book online (all 250+ pages), for free, with each page on its own page (just like the book), for a limited time. Why are we doing this? Because weíre hoping youíll find it so useful, that youíll buy either the print book or the eBook. This is either going to work brilliantly, or itís going to be the shortest experiment in the history of book publishing. But weíre going all-in on it, so weíll see what happens.
If youíre a member of†KelbyOne, you can download the eBook today for just $10. Ten bucks! Thatís insanely cheap (but that deal is only for KelbyOne members)!†For everybody else, itís $235.00. Okay, itís not quite that expensive (but it certainly should be). ††Hereís the link for the member deal.
Anyway, could you please take just a moment and watch the video where I explain it above (itís only around one minute long), and then go order the heck out of it (and if you could help me spread the word about this new book, and new concept, that would be especially helpful (and many thanks from me and the book team in advance).
Thanks for taking a moment to check this out, and I hope you all have a better than average Tuesday!
P.S. Iíll be signing the print version at the†Photoshop World Conference†coming up in just a few weeks in Vegas. Hope I get to sign yours there.
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