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Thread: Stand in photographer needed for Nov 27 2005

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    I have taken this wedding shot job but am now unable to make it due to oversea work assignment. Am looking for experienced wedding photographer to stand in for me. This lady has a small budget and can't afford the high fees charged by "professional" wedding photographer Preferably you should have an online portfolio or gallery for my client to view your past works on wedding shoot.

    I have offered her a simple package deal for a certain price. It's my wish that you can closely follow my quote for her if you can take the job. (better still if you are providing more than I offered for the same price )

    Pls. leave your contact (email or hp) and I can email you the quotation I gave her. If you think the quotation is fine with you then I can recommend you to my client. Thanks for reading. As I am flying to HK this coming Sat for work, I will be contact you thru email or clubsnap's PM.
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    Hi guys,

    Thanks for offering your help. My client has already got a friend to do her wedding shoot and when I called her she told me she was planning to let me know. So thanks for all the offer, am glad clubsnap has a great pool of photographer ready to help a fellow shutter bug in time of needs.


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